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Hey bookworms! I have always been the type of person to be a rule follower. I’d be lying if I said that I hadn’t been called a goody two shoes a few times in my life. It’s just in my nature. See rules? Follow them! It’s a fairly black and white issue with me, so that’s why this page is here, sharing with you my full disclosure, as required by the FTC.

Though this blog began because of my other business and will feature several products that are available in my shop, my intention is to help families use books in their homes to grow relationships. I want everyone  to love reading as much as my family.

If you purchase through my shop or through links in posts, I do receive a commission. This site and my business have allowed me to contribute financially to our household while staying home to raise and homeschool my five children. It’s an incredible blessing to us and we appreciate each and every person who has ever supported our endeavors.

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As an important note, I don’t purport to be a literacy expert or a reading specialist, so any advice given here is strictly information that I’ve gathered over my time as a parent or sprung out of my own years of motherhood. You may freely take it or leave it. Whatever floats your boat. 😉

Your privacy on Bookwormstreehouse.com is always protected. With any purchase, free download, or other means where your name, email address, address, credit card information, or any personal information is collected, it is for the sole purpose of record keeping and the system I use to deliver content to you for free and is not used or looked at for any other reason. Your information will never be sold to any third party companies and it will never be accessed without your consent.

Finally, my opinions or advice is never influenced by commissions or products given. I value the trust of my readers and strive to remain upfront about all things, including the things that I share and say about any product that you see here on this site.